Notes from initial talks with Whc

Seb (Whc) and Richard (CC) had an intiial talk to help plan out potential relationship between the 2 coops.

Whc to intro fish and chips fridays as gradual re-opening from July. 4 hours 6-10pm on a friday. Collection/takeaway.

Currently not know what demand would look like but optimistic it would be popular. As such required capacity for delivery is unknown. Richard to detail more upon contact with enquiries/calculating delivery area.

Pre-order system preferred by CC, possible to organise with scheduling facility in CC app and some system of having person on shift at Whc take an order. Whc to further as first time considering

Demo/Trial of app/backroom priority for Whc to become more familiar and have confidence to proceed.

Estimate of 10 fish and chip portions per deliveroo sized bag possible. Cool down of food not believed to be any health issue as vegan but more of a experience factor.

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