Notes from conversation with York

Notes from conversation with Matt York Collective 03/06/2020

Used Social Lean Canvas template for Business Plan – Also will send us York’s plan

At start: got in touch with independent trades assoc.

identified goods which were difficult for shops to ship.

began from premise that none of their own money would go into it.

Holding off on Hive, as help will be better once more established.

Bookings in advance are preferable

CLG is preferable: Co-op society route is expensive, and doesn’t ensure consensus decision-making as requires fallback on majority vote.

Seeds for Change doc on CLG

Don’t use cargo bikes: rely on backpacks, or trailers for larger deliveries.


Further notes from Matt @ York:

  • York experimenting with pricing. Currently they have found on-demand service to be difficult to price correctly. Pre-order much more preferable
  • Currently charging £4 to customer with 15% commission to restaurant. However looking to go to 20%. Concerned that approaching 30% like deliveroo
  • Used Tide account for ease to monitor payments for few months then submit turnover/numbers for other bank account
  • York Paying monthly Real living wage for hours worked
  • York looking to place order for branded/better food bags. Will inform us when ready

Just FYI, I still disagree with this. Co-op society is easy. It’s also a misunderstanding that you can’t use consensus. You can use whatever decision making process you want.