Newsletter article suggestions

This is a wiki thread for article suggestions to go into the newsletter. These can be things which could be slotted into any week so that we have a backlog of things and can hopefully be useful for the editorial process. They can be crossed off when published or added to by clicking edit bottom right of the first post. (include your name next to a post or against a suggestion you haven’t written if you are interested in participating to it)

  • Article on the Lucas plan / Green jobs Oshawa - and what could happen in terms of solar/renewables with the industrial base in the midlands (for example RR sacking thousands). @sean_f []
  • Article on community self defence - what does it mean and how to get involved in punch up birmingham.
  • DIY fitness at home guide - where to look for good instructions how to do it low cost, the benefits etc [we could use the inhabit exercise guide for this, or I would be happy to write something - BH]
  • Mutual aid self defence & co-operation jackson introduction
  • low cost / free guide to get composting at home
  • There’s power in a union: unionism 101 why join them, how the power comes from the rank and file, how they link with co-ops.
  • Stirchley co-operative development plans
  • Mother garden project @Mapu
  • indepth look at co-op cycle
  • join the forum!
  • Commoning, peasants, capitalism and the coming great depression. The BoE predicts the worst crash in 300 years (since before industrial capitalism). People are saying that bezos becoming a triollionarie would be neo fuedalBefore then we had a feudal system based on commons and tithes from rich people - we need to work to recreate those in a modern way in this crisis and not go to something neo feudal (one because that’s not what bezos is offering - he’s just doing hyper capitalism), but to something which has the commons in mind. (this might be too conceptual and something for the blog instead, but happy to work on it with other people @sergio @sean_f)
  • black panther breakfast club
  • need for a food sovereignty perspective and increasing autonomy from agrifood industry (@SimonP)
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I’d say this is way too conceptual for the newsletter, but happy to work together with you or someone else in writing it for the blog. Once we have it, we could find a way to adapt some conclusions for the newsletter.

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