Newsletter 5 draft

here is the text so far for newsletter 5 I think we should aim for 1000 words max so we have room for nice photos

Hi Sean - Olly’s piece is now out of date and the government have reversed their decision and now said they will be funding the meals in the Christmas holidays and providing local councils with a grant for those families struggling with bills, fuel, food.

It’s not clear if this will continue into 2021. It will in Wales apparently until Easter 2021 as per Rashford’s original demand.

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Yes I think if we wanted to go ahead with a newsletter the articles need to be updated - this draft was intended for a half term edition. Up for working on an edition with someone - but not alone :slight_smile:

just an update on this - the edition didn’t go out I hopewe can do a new edition before the holiday season - if anyone is up for working on it with me that would be fabulous!!