Mutual Aid Open Meeting. 17th March, 2PM

Mutual Aid meeting.


See more info on Jitsi Meet. Just share your microphone with the site, don’t worry about video. No need to install anything. Use headphones. Mute yourself when not talking. There will be a facilitator/moderator.

Agenda in wiki post below

This is a wiki post so anyone with an account can edit. Feel free to add points for discussion.


Check in

Check in to see how we’re all feeling.

Cafe Problems

Many people who work at the cafe have had to go into self isolation due to proximity to people that have the flu. How does this effect our plans for mutual aid?

What to do with the money

What to do with the supplies at the cafe

Leo - Possibly donate to food banks?

Lockdown phase - how does that effect what we can do?

Leo - If we can’t run the cafe as a distribution centre due to self isolation, what do we provide? I outlined a few ideas here: What is to be done? Rough ideas for coop brum activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leo - I propose that we setup a signposting phone line and do shifts. We sign posts people to stuff on the map and to ACORN, IWW, Facebook groups, forum etc if they are ready for that.

Leo - I also propose we setup a podcast/radio station to broadcast to brum. People can send in info and shout outs etc. We could also broadcast educational stuff to keep people entertained.


  • Press releases
  • Social media
  • Press relations
  • Stickers and flyers

We decided to summarise the meeting a blog post coming soon.

great! Let me know if there’s anyway I can support with that, even if it’s writing up minutes or something?

do you know when the next meeting will be? I’d have really loved to have been present for this one, but need a little more notice.


@selly7749 thanks! We’re a little bit stuck atm because a chunk of us organising this are in self isolation.

We will post the next meeting on here with more notice this time! Would be great to have you on that call.