Membership list and queries

Now that we have launched the Open collective, we need to keep a reigster on the airtables, or somewhere else @Lai I think you knew about how this works in other orgs who use OC?

When @Mani and I had our meeting we also noted that there should be physical cards which can be used to get the free meals at Solidarity Cafe. We need to come up with a system for them before June.

I have been thinking about how to operate the membership card scheme. I was thinking the most logical way to do it is to introduce new cards on a yearly basis to ensure people are up to date with their membership. I do think that there is a possibility some people might lapse their payments but I think that’s probably the simplest way. We can export a contributors list from Open Collective and use this to update airtable. Then people who show up to the cafe on a monday and say they are members we can check against the airtable to see if that is the case and give them their first card.

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