Meetings - proposal

Sean, Sophie and I have had a couple of meetings to discuss ways of making the meetings better attended and more effective at making decisions/prompting action.

We would like to propose two changes to take place as a priority:

  1. scale the meeting frequency down to every other week, in the hopes that people will be better able to attend regularly
  2. Have a forum post, including an agenda document, for each meeting in advance so that we have an idea what we plan to discuss. This is so people don’t miss discussions that they would be interested in.

If these proposals are accepted, that means that after tomorrow, the next meeting would be scheduled for Sunday 20 December.

Please let us know what you think.

I’m going to try to put a poll below - wish me luck.

What do you think of the proposals above?
  • I’m in favour of both proposals
  • I’m against both proposals
  • I’m in favour of proposal 1 but against proposal 2
  • I’m in favour of proposal 2 but against proposal 1

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Definitely agree with a lower frequency but that makes it extra important to do the second bit as well (and also not to miss meetings basically ever, since that means either changing the schedule or not meeting for a month)

We can also think about how mandating people to feed back on certain aspects of the projects could make the meetings more effective and informative too

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Sophie, Sean and I have agreed to share the “agenda management” duties so I hope that will be done both well and sustainably. Regarding frequency, yes it’s important that we hold the meetings. There is scope for a little flexibility - shifting a specific meeting if it’s clear in advance that it won’t be a good date (e.g. if the meeting fell on Christmas Day) or even if on rare occasions it turns out that no one can make it - but for these meetings to be a good mechanism for collective decision making, people do need to turn up.

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Sounds good to me! Thanks folks!