Meeting with Olly on Northfield Food Service - 01.02.2021

Present: Amelia, Olly


  • Plans for Northfield Food Service
  • Timing of food deliveries
  • Half term week

Plans for Northfield Food Service
Olly would like to set up a Pay As You Feel cafe once a week (great minds!), using the space and professional kitchen at the Northfield Baptist Church. He wants Cooperation Birmingham to be involved, either taking on the kitchen or training and supporting people at the Church to do the cooking. He understands thought that chefs may not have the energy for this, so no pressure. This isn’t going to start until at after Easter at the earliest, so there is time to think. Olly is hoping to get grants to cover food and perhaps some staff costs.
I told Olly about our own plans - the Solidarity Kitchen and the BRASS collaboration. We thought it would be good to aim to do our PAYF cafes on different days so that even if we’re not deeply involved in Northfield, we can cross-advertise and share what works and what doesn’t.

Timing of food deliveries
Northfield are trying to deliver earlier, as a lot of the people they serve are young families with early dinner/bedtimes. Ideally food should arrive at Northfield by 4.30, but in any case as early as possible. I explained that 4.30 is unlikely but we could try to pull timings in. Some ideas we discussed:

  1. send more participants in at packing time
  2. start kitchen earlier
  3. cook at Northfield

All needs to be discussed with chefs, and I’ve agreed to let Olly know what we can realistically achieve in terms of timing.

Half term week
Olly is in principle happy do Northfield Food Service every day in the half term. He has a meeting tomorrow with someone who can confirm whether they can staff this at their end, and he’ll let me know how many days they are planning to run.


Thanks for that feedback @loreid definitely some things to discuss in the next meeting!