Meeting with Olly Armstrong regarding Northfield Food Service (Weds 3rd Nov)

Attendees: Olly, Sergio and Sean for the last part of the meeting

Every Thursday, food for everyone in need around the in Northfield, no active gatekeeping. Start date probably 12th November.

250/400 warm meals in total each Thursday, it’d be great if we could contribute with 100-150.

No storing in fridges, everything out on the day.

Possibility to run the project also Tuesdays in the future.

Cooking at the Northfield Baptist Church from 2pm, delivery probably from 4.30/5pm until 8pm.

They will push our fundraiser so we can cover the food/space costs.

Debrief meeting tomorrow 12

Possibility to apply to cross community grant to cover staff from church to work on this, and maybe art support from Olly’s project

Possibility to get food donations from Morrisons, Aldi and Sainsburys, maybe as an emergency response?

Plan to increase the percentage gotten by independent food sources

New Start charity, working for democratisation and horitzonalism in these type of projects.

One hot meal per week, but recipients are given information about other sources in the bag. Maybe refrigerated stuff in the future so people can get several meals at the same time.

They already have a long list of recipients, and they are in touch with several projects who may referr. They have also leafleted and emailed schools, and they are open to receiving referrals from other organisations and self-referrals.

Newsletter could go with meals, and also have some people walking around critical areas and put it through post.

NFS, mainly controlled by Olly and Alex. So far, several organisations contributing: Digbeth Dining Club, Northfield Baptist Church, …

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