Meeting Minutes 13/07/2020

14/07/2020 Coop Cycle Birmingham meeting

Attendance: Xenia, Sylvia, Seb, Richard

Solidarity Kitchen (SK):

  • SK had shown an interest in using the Coop Cycle platform to organise and plan out delivery routes
  • SK would require 6 courier profiles and 1 backroom profile, CCB believe could work fine with mechanics in place and wouldn’t interfere with other CCB activities, just need to ensure that SK are trained in use
  • Amelia form SK to test on 18/07/2020

ACTION (Richard): Create user profiles for SK and put together training document/walkthrough users

Bartlebys Brewery:

*Need to arrange meeting with Nick as feel confident that we are in place to begin discussions

ACTION (Sean): Contact Nick to arrange / pass on to other CCB member

Cargo Bike:

  • Cargo bike currently at Richards, plan is to store at Warehouse cafe while they have space. However not before potential repairs
  • Cargo bike has some issues with lights, gears
  • Approximately 40 cans of beer is a possibility at one time in cargo, need to establish with Bartlebys what containers beer is in and establish capacity

ACTION (Sylvia, Sean): Sylvia to take look at cargo bike, if further work required may have to go for repair at Bike Foundry

Launch Weekend:
*Few orders through Coop Cycle platform (majority for collection). Result was satisfactory that system works

  • No complaints received but unsure whether that may be due to customers giving up with app (due to buggy address search). Xenia mentioned that Mex (CC Developer) has traffic statistics that we could utilise to see if people “gave up” when trying to order
  • Feedback needs to be sought out generally
  • Identified that much more promo/growth is required

ACTION (Xenia): Find out more about traffic statistics from Mex

Going forward:

  • Promo game needs to be upper. Xenia has friend who may be able to advise
  • Zones created by Tom need to be implemented into pricing
  • Need identified to reach out to more vendors. However, discussion took place about the ethical restrictions of carriage (i.e. meat, dairy, vegan etc). There is a need to know what our restrictions are if a vendor were to contact us about using us but also a fully vegan service could be a selling point. Also allergen issues highlighted (whc food was not in sealed containers. Was agreed more research was needed on both issues.
  • Sylvia to meet with Cath from Central England Coop to discuss and potentially offer business advice. Agreed to continue business plan and development once heard from them

ACTION (Seb) Seb to take on promo/social media role, from wednesday share social medias as much as possible
ACTION (Xenia): Ask friend about possibility of promo advice
ACTION (Richard): Upload and tune delivery zones and pricing
ACTION (Xenia): Research the requirements of sealed containers for allergen purposes
ACTION (ALL): Come up with questions for customer/potential customer feedback form, with attention on vegan aspect. Same questions can be put to vegan friends etc
ACTION (Sylvia): Report back on meeting with Cath/business development


  • Seb raised that VAT rate on restaurant food to drop from 20 to 5% from weds. Need to research and change on CC if needed
  • Need a google account to access and read the Coop Cycle partnership agreement and contributions agreement
  • 2 people interested in the coop mentioned, have details

ACTION (Richard): Investigate VAT drop and make changes on CC if needed
ACTION (Sylvia): Chase up recorded Coop cycle webinar
ACTION (Sylvia): Create google account
ACTION (Richard): Contact interested persons

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Few points - sorry for missing the meeting:

  • re solidarity kitchen, i think it makes more sense to create each driver a profile, that way it will be easier to coordinate who is who and also when new people get signed up they will have an account and it could potentially be a first step to being a rider for co-op cycle too. we don’t have a limit on user accounts so not sure what the benefit is of doing generic ones.
  • nick is actually called matt! Sounds like he has been brewing - I’ll talk to him this week
  • cargo bike can get fixed this week I hope.