Meeting minutes 07/07/2020


Attendance: Sylvia, Richard, Xenia, Seb, Sean


Reporting back on unannounced trial run that took place on 03/07/20. 4 orders completed (orders from friends of whc/ccb)

Issues raised with trial:

  • The app did not correctly transfer jobs to google maps
  • Orders could not be accepted by an admin - This is a known issue at Coop Cycle. Believed to not be an issue as the restaurant (WHC) should be the only user to accept an order. Agreed that issue came from Seb taking on dual-roles during trial. Agreed that Seb should avoid dual-role in future (WHC&CCB)

ACTION (Richard) - CCB to provide training to WHC member on use of Coop Cycle software. Not expected to take long but is imperative that WHC have autonomy on their side of the platform. Richard to contact and arrange

  • Issues with app address search errors. Can only keep pushing Coop Cycle developer. Common issue across platform.

  • Sean raised possibility of delivering ground coffee from WHC. Others saw no issue as it would just be another item and the coffee was properly packaged by WHC.

  • 2 payments do not seem to have processed in stripe.

ACTION (Richard) - to check stripe account for 2 payment details.

ACTION - Delivery radius to be reduced for public deliveries

ACTION (Seb & Richard) - to be available courier shift on 10/07/20 and 11/07/20

  • Social media. Need to have presence but no need to launch yet. We will receive some traffic from WHC advertising delivery through our website.

ACTION (Seb) - To softlaunch social medias. Include description of what we are doing. Use coop cycle “gear” icon as imagery.

ACTION (Seb) - Advise WHC to only mention using CCB website not the app for the moment

ACTION (Richard) - Contact and deliver cargo bike to WHC for storage in FOH

  • bags received, continued evaluation of food bags required

  • discussion of what next for business development. urgently need bank account and to continue business plan.

  • membership rules required but agreed to discuss further down the line

  • delay in starling bank application due to incorrect email by richard. Contacted and rectified before meeting.

ACTION (Sylvia) - Complete starling bank application when received.

  • brief discussion of sweat equity. unknown how to repay but agreed that all should begin to log hours for future use

ACTION (All) - Log hours of work with detail

-AOB - Richard asked what software developers are receiving for their work. Sean explained likely a combination of funding and free work. may be a service charge in future but cannot be predicted.

-AOB - Phone holders for handlebars. Sean suggested that Bike foundry could supply.

ACTION (Sean) - Investigate universal waterproof phone holder

Next meeting date pencilled 13/07/20 6pm

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Nice one folks. Sorry I couldn’t make it. Was on a different call.

Just got 2 emails for “first” payments through stripe. Others are processed fine

set to 3km around whc until more details and zone can be confirmed

We received forwarded email that explained these policies in depth. to be read and agreed to