Meeting Minutes 04/08/2020

Coop Cycle Birmingham General Meeting

Minutes of the general meeting held online on 03/08//2020 at 5.30 PM.

Present: Sylvia, Richard, Seb, Xenia, Sean

DIRECTORS: all present

QUORUM: yes?

Cargo Bike from Real Junk Food Project

Richard: Not been successful in finding a secure lockup. Have checked some paid options and best quote of £22 per week

Sean: We could think more creatively, talk to more organisations/a storage facility may present itself as we gain vendors

Sean: We are not at a point where we need it yet

All: Agreed

  • No urgency to move from RJFP, they have had it for a while and no intentions to do anything with it
  • All agreed to shelve the idea until we feel the capacity is needed as it is an additional cost (for storage)

Determining a labour cost per hour

  • General agreement to specify what our target labour cost per hour is
  • Considerations of outgoings required, admin time, loading times etc
  • ACTION: Richard to do some basic calculations on Trello board and others to comment


  • Were unable to complete a courier shift for the Warehouse Cafe on Saturday due to no availability
  • A rota had been created by Richard but it wasn’t filled out which lead to the situation
  • Some concerns that it was not as easily accessible or in an easy to understand format
  • Have access to other rotas from WHC/Bike foundry to assist
  • Action: Xenia to create a practical rota and rota procedure for courier shifts and for all to fill out/follow procedure

Bartlebys Brewery Proposal

  • All happy with proposal
  • ACTION: Richard to email to Bartlebys

Replication Application

  • Sylvia has made progress with the application to Replication funding
  • SWOT analysis, budget and video pitch left to complete/others to comment on
  • Video recordings of each required for video pitch.
  • Application required by next week
  • ACTION: Richard to assist with budget (and include Covid related items)
  • ACTION: All to read/comment on above docs, by end of 04/08/2020
  • ACTION: All to contribute to video pitch (on google drive) and recording themselves talking for approx 20-30 secs, by end of 05/08/2020

Social Medias

  • Xenia has had some advice from friend who has social media advertising experience
  • At some point we should approach local news and foodnews outlets, however Richard suggested we are not at that point yet as need more vendors/variety
  • Imagery should be of food/products as they are better sell
  • Agreement that we should advertise as the platform and can share posts by vendors but we are not being paid to run promo for individual vendors. This will become more clear as we gain more vendors. Sean states at this point there is still advantage to doing both
  • Seb says difficult to come up with regular post ideas. Xenia has found scheduling options which she will pass on to Seb. Request for all to assist with post ideas
  • ACTION: All to forward post ideas to Seb
  • ACTION: Xenia/Seb to make use of scheduling features to take pressure off
  • ACTION: Xenia to look into analytics of website further to better understand

Pedal Pantry

  • Xenia asked if possible to get in touch with Pedal Pantry by end of week. Richard says can complete CCB advert and start contacting more vendors
  • ACTION: Richard to complete CCB advert by Friday. All to comment on as needed.


  • Xenia did some research on allergens. Posted info to trello. Conclusion seemed to be that
    • Allergen information must be displayed by vendor on website/container (Richard asked if this was just cooked food i.e. what about groceries from clean kilo, unsure, should check info)
    • If we ever get to delivering raw meat, there are far higher requirements (all: cross bridge when we get to it)
    • Anything that might spill should go in sealed containers as vendor responsibility

Bike Repair Voucher Scheme

  • ACTION: Sean will notify all of next bike repair voucher scheme. All to register for voucher


  • ACTION: Richard to take spare bike lock down to cargo bike
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