Meeting agenda 28th may

  • recap on meeting last night
  • guy from central england co-operative
  • bikes we can use? anne gallagher
  • bartlebys
  • warehouse cafe
  • co-op business support

28th May meeting Minutes:

Sean, Leo, Sylvia, Richard jitsi call.

CC - Coop Cycle

  • Central England Co-op have shown interest but agreed to talk further in future as need to understand platform better identified

  • Few cargo bikes identified as being available which was agreed to be main equipment needed for success.

  • Leo and Sean gave breakdown of where they are up to in terms of understanding CC platform. Identified some issues that needed further work/investigation. Established need for initial members to have working and near enough same knowledge of CC. Actioned below.

  • Leo and Sean identified items outside of CC that will be required, such as stripe account, bank account. Agreed to discuss further at future meeting.

  • Additional enquiries about CC have gone to Sean. Identified usefulness of establishing databaseof contacts along with details of experience, capabilities, skills etc. Leo explain use of Airtable by Solidarity Kitchen to keep volunteer database. Agreed that use can be translated across for CC purposes. Actioned below.

  • Leo explained change required to CC internals in order to allow tests to be run. With aid from other CC groups, should not be too big an issue.


  • Sylvia and Richard to download CC app and make use of online resources to familiarise with CC platform

  • Richard to liaise with Sean to migrate enquiry info into Airtable account. Develop questionnaire or similar to more easily record needed information from existing and new enquiries.

  • Leo to make changes to CC internals so that test deliveries can be made.

Next meeting pencilled for 17: 30, Mon 1st May 2020

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