Meeting agenda 1st June 2020

CoopCycle Brum Meeting 1.6.20

Present: Leo, Rich, Slyvia, Sean F


Slyvia - Has some questions

Leo - 500 error when ordering is when it’s under 30p


Sean - We don’t need to get loads more people invovled before starting.

Sean - We can register in the same way as York Collective. Cost £13.

Slyvie to contact Matt Nicholson from York Collective about the legal structure thay using (CLG). Number posted in the WhatsApp chat. Also see if we can share business plans docs etc ACTION

Two customers to build relationship with:


Meeting with Matt @ Bartlebys. Need to know how much he can supply/ how regularly in prep. ACTION.

Warehouse Cafe

Richard to Set up talk with Warehouse Cafe about needs/potential .Pre-order model needed for scheduled events i.e. whc fish friday etc

May require more info so may be rolledover. ACTION

Social media, webpage, launch: need to assign roles. ACTION is a possible domain

linking back to cooperation birmingham agreed to be a good idea so using sub-page of the website would be beneficial. ACTION - Leo to send out login details


Test Stripe details:

Warehouse Cafe Buisness plan

Identified that would be good to apply to Hive with other UK cc’s to get same advisor Phil Beardmore, cohesion. Leo posted in Slack

Alternate Jitsi server:

Zoom as a backup


Richard to contact enquirers, note inerest, gather some info and keep them informed. ACTION

Leo talk with student co op about using cargo bike. ACTION

Need to have regular access identified. Talk about bike trailers and size/issues with cargo bike. Needs to be evaluated as part of business plan.

Mon 8th 5.30pm for next meeting

Weds 10th provisionally pencilled to have group session on software. Full mock run to be done soon too. Discuss further in next meeting.

Food bags