Meeting 22/06/2020

Cycle Coop Birmingham Meeting 22/06/2020


Trial with Solidarity Kitchen

Business Development

Review of Testing

Terms of Service and Pricing

Backup Couriers


Trial with Solidarity Kitchen

Support with Solidarity Kitchen on Backroom 2 shift: Deliver parcels by bike on 1 route.

Xènia and Richard to do this on Thursday.

Richard to contact Ben on number in Whatsapp group.

Business Development

Sean wants to put together doc on Cycle Coop for Coop BD course. All have agreed to this.

Richard to contact Sean about helping.

Review of Testing

Xènia has tried to place orders on test. Has identified 2 aspects to the process:

  • Accepting orders – Likely to be done by restaurant, as they will be aware of their capacity/availability of ingredients, etc.
  • Assigning to courier – Should be automatic; Xènia to trial on Cycle Coop app.

Need to clarify whether restaurant or Cycle Coop Birmingham will be responsible for 1 or/and 2. Xènia and Richard to try and clarify process on Thursday.

  1. Terms of Service and Setting Prices

York started with price of £4 to customer and 15% commission from supplier.

  • Agreed to start with this and review as necessary.
  • Possibility of higher commission for suppliers which are not co-ops.

Sylvia and Richard to write Terms of Service and put to Warehouse Café asap.

  1. Backup Couriers

Seb and Richard to cover shifts on Friday 3rd July. Sylvia and Sean in reserve. Only small delivery on 3rd, not advertised.

  1. Bags and Cargo Bike

Bags: Possibly buy with Co-operation Birmingham.

Sylvia to: 1. Research food bags online;

Write proposal to Cooperation Birmingham and post on forum.

Cargo Bike: Cargo Bike at Student Housing Co-op is shared by a number of groups.

Sean to contact Student Housing Co-op to arrange date for collection and training for Cycle Coop Birmigham.