Meeting 19/7 minutes

sean, leon, amelia, kae, leo

  1. routific - extended until the end of september for free. coopcycle doesn’t do the route optimisation so we would have to do it by hand. which would make it easier. not a direct alternative - hopefully with conversation (below) if we manage to get off routific by septemeber then there is no problem. we could use a dual model which uses coop cycle for live tracking and routific doing the routes.

  2. rota issues - main issue is backroom coordination on monday where there is a space lacking and no one has yet responded to the plan is for kae to speak to people about this

  3. backroom meal 2 - agreed to do 29th july

  4. recruiting more participants?

  5. timeline for winding down? - Suggestion is that we speak to other providers in the city and try to get them to take on the obligation of feeding the remaining recieptients who really do need the services that we are providing. The aim would be that organisations who have funding to support people and wages take this on.

We also thought that we liked the proposal of monday meals as the legacy projecto of the solidarity kitchen aspect of cooperation birmingham. but recognise that this might have a different attendance to the remaining recipients of sol kitchen - so imperative is on us to answer the issue of winding down deliveries first.

next step is calling other organisations and then when we have some sort of signpositng we need to work out what sort of process we might need to follow in order to mov erecieptients on and how this is possible / how would it work with other orgniastions

  1. newsletter 4 - it is happening!
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