Medium decision: Buy Yahama power amp off eBay

Deadline to object or escalate to a large decision: Thursday 7th December

We should quickly nab this amplifier. It will match well with the Yamaha speakers we have. The flight case will be really useful for other equipment we have (e.g. the graphic EQ).

We will then have a complete working “workhorse” system to get us going. I can go pick it up from Leamington Spa.

The actual model name is Yahama P3200 amplifier


This has been bought. Just have to go pick it up.

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Hey regarding the construction of the soundsystem I got this message back from greg at steamhouse :

Firstly, we can cut 18mm sheet, that will be fine, and looking at the plans

for the speakers, the dimensions appear to be small enough to fit on the

CNC bed (you will have to amend the dimensions for 18mm). I would suggest

that the panels (with speaker holes) of the speakers can be cut out (without

edge chamfers - these would need to be done on a tilting bandsaw or suitable circular saw).

You would need to join STEAMhouse, go through the induction

process (one for the digital design area and one, specifically for the CNC

router) – doesn’t take too long but jumping through these hoops

will enable you to use the equipment. If you wanted to use the

woodworking area, you would need to go through this induction

too (the circular saw is operated by staff only).

Maker Membership might be best for you (prices per person):

Thanks Sean this is very helpful. We probably need a proper forum area for talking about ongoing stuff. If I can I will set it up tomorrow maybe

The end of the message got cut off I think but it’s £50pppm for maker membership

The CNC will be great for doing circles etc, and the chamfered edges we could just route a cutting line and do them on perhaps the bandsaw if we’re allowed to - most of the joints are chamfered so it would be a shame if the technician got all the fun! I’ve never used a angle bandsaw so I don’t know how well they hold an angle, might not be as good as a table saw.