Media Co-op Hackday

Media Co-op Hack day - late may / early June
agreed date for this as 22nd May. aim is for it to be in the cafe garden, early afternoon, have food from the cafe. have a speaker from a media co-op. advertise via normal channels. have an eventbrite as restrictions will mean max 30 people. can also have a planning sessions or founding session to go along with the media co-ops speaking. here are some suggested outcomes for the afternoon:

  • a day to start thinking about the operating process of the co-op business plan, features of the project
  • thinking about a role outline for a project coordinator/editor
  • potential article in the pipeline and who could write them
  • what would be need to launch the co-op and a timeline creation session
  • features of the project (calendar, articles (subjects our USP?), community journalism training sessions
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:mega: Calling all budding journalists :writing_hand: , editors :keyboard:, content creators :video_camera:, illustrators :paintbrush:, investigators :mag_right: and researchers :open_book: to join Co-operation Birmingham for a hack day. The day will include participatory sessions and learning from the experts how we can create a community media co-operative for our city :city_sunrise:. Cooperation Birmingham has delivered 16,000 meals since the pandemic begun and will now be opening a pay as you feel cafe. Alongside this the media co-operative will act as a cultural and news hub for a city which desperately needs good news :newspaper_roll:. The goal is community powered, credible and exciting content developed by members for the community and wider public as an antidote to the current sea of clickbait articles and social media echo chambers we are forced to inhabit .

The hack day will be on the 22nd May and will happen outside :tent: in Digbeth Community Garden. There will be three sessions with ample time to get familiar with each other and the project.

  • 2-3pm - Citizen journalism and media co-operatives: An Introduction
  • 3.15-4.30pm - Dreaming and Scheming: A participatory session where we will collectively think of articles, content categories, events and contacts which will be useful to the future of the co-op. This will be a freeform session so get your thinking hats on and be ready to roll your sleeves up!
  • 5-6.30pm - Independent media in an age of Murdoch

Afterwards, for those who are able there will be time to eat collectively, we’ll order food from nearby or share a collectively made dish :bowl_with_spoon:

Due to Covid restrictions :mask: there will be a limit of 30 partcipants. You can register by sending an email to If you can only make one session that’s fine but all three will be glorious!

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