Meal information required from the back room by the kitchen

The kitchen have had occasions where the meal information from the backroom arrives in different formats. A single format would keep things simple and reduce errors, specifically around dietary requirements.

I attach a link to the document showing the three pieces of information the kitchen requires from the backroom and provide examples of the format to present the information.

I suggest it is included in the backroom protocol and shared with all backroom volunteers.

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Thanks @Paul, I will include a link to your document on the backroom protocol.

Just one comment, in your first point (total number of meals required), it is actually the kitchen who should tell how many meals are available on a certain day. According to the number you provide, the person doing backroom 1 will include new recipients from the waiting list or not.

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Yeah, number 1 seems back to front - we need confirmation of total portions possible from the kitchen as early as possible but it may take longer for backroom to relay how many are actually needed.

Backroom 1 may in theory be able to confirm the total number of portions required but not until the end of their shift (1pm) because they have to ring round many people. In practice it can take until some way into BR2’s shift before the actual number of each option can be confirmed for certain. And often BR2 is trying to add people off the waiting list since there is often not time for BR1 to do this.

I wonder whether we could make a form in the spreadsheet to make it easy to standardise the format of the count sent to the kitchen

Sorry, yes point one not so relevant. We’ve been working to 150 meals each day, sometimes on request we have supplied more if sufficient surplus. Yesterday we sent out 133. We can continue assuming 150 meals unless we hear otherwise.
The main challenge recently has been the varying and irregular format of each drivers deliveries and special dietary requirements information.

I hope to join the Sunday meeting to explore the future plans for Sol Kit as the Warehouse cafe moves towards a staggered reopening. Thx

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