Making masks for the project

I think we have a need a way of producing enough D.I.Y masks.
Making temporary visors is really quite simple as outline in the video Health and safety protocol collation and discussion thread - We can just use plastic folders / peoples glasses.

Masks present a bit more of a challenge. I think the best option in terms of balancing the benefits and utility and accesibility reusable washable masks are the best option for us. With these we can equip volunteers in the kitchen with and also the delivery drivers, but not detract from any supplies which would otherwise be going to healthcare workers. My gran in denmark and my aunt in italy have been busy making some so I can ask for the templates otherwise there are lots available on youtube one of wich I’ve linked to in the protocol doc

However to do this we need people who have access to sewing machines and the requsite skills to get busy! i think we could definitely fund some materials from the fundraiser for this so really just looking for volunteers. I don’t have the skills unfortunately.

We could also promote this campaign and take photos of the making process and other D.I.T options and make clear the difference between community use of D.I.Y masks and professional use of proper masks and that the two don’t necessarily conflict with each other as has been suggested in narratives from the govt.

This is a no sew D.I.Y video which means anyone (at least people who use non fitted old fashioned sheets) could make these at home. This is a really practical job which anyone could launch into for the projcet.

I also had the idea that there might be some companies in digbeth (for instance in the custard factory who have already got in touch), who might be able to help us with the sewing.

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There’s a place called Daily Thread in Balsall heath which has a bunch of sewing machines, they are closed now obvs but potentially might let us use it as a one off for a big sewing session?

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That’s a great idea! Would you be up for getting in contact with them? - If not I can give it a go

Yeah I can try it :slight_smile:

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They would like to help but have asked how many of us would be there - they have 4 machines working. I’ll put it on the meeting agenda.

In the meantime they are running a online workshop tonight for making masks, details on Facebook (there’s also a link which we can use later if we do make some)


Hey all, the call for mask makers is on facebook now (thanks @kaeden) :

and the meeting will be at 7.30 in this jitsi room :

I will prepare a short structure for the meeting and intro about what other groups are doing etc. Am also seeing if someone from a scrub hub group can attend too.

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Hey, here is the link of the masks tutorial I’ve told you about yesterday. It’s a very simple design which allows us to make a pocket for a possible filter without extra work. Here you can find too the measures of different sizes and info about ties and elastics. Hope it helps!


Photo based mask making tutorial: