Junk Food Project donation not required

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I messaged Ann at the Junk Food Project to affirm our intention of making a weekly donation and asking for payment details and received this message:

“Dibah and I have discussed this matter and we would like you to have the food at present and no donation is required. We would like to continue to support you during the crisis”


I’ve also found the cost of the Waste collection using First Mile Services.
Each bag costs £2.34 inc VAT
We have been using at least two bags (Landfill and Recycling) each day. Daily total = £4.68 inc VAT

Also One final cost that I can think of. We have been recording the cafe stock that has been used since the set up of Solidarity Kitchen (Herb, spices, tinned goods ect…) I will need to produce an invoice to Sol Kit. I plan to do this coming week.
We completed a stock check for the cafe and will need to do another stock check at the end of the Sol Kit project to invoice for any further stock that may be used in the coming weeks.


That’s good news from TRJFP. I’m sure you’ve probably thanked them already but if not it would be good to say how much they’ve helped us get up to a really impressive scale quickly.

Thanks for the other cost updates too