HOWTO: Using the coop brum SIP phone as backroom

Currently we are forwarding our number 01216676387 to backroom volunteer mobile phone number’s but this is costing us a lot of money (9p per minute for mobile) to actually forward the call on.

It also means backroom volunteers can’t call back on the same number and have to use their personal phone. Note that it is possible for backroom to turn off called ID on their mobiles so they don’t have to reveal their numbers to the people they are calling.

Using a SIP client

The other way of using the virtual SIP number is to login to it using what’s known as a SIP/VOIP app.


  • Doesn’t cost us to receive calls
  • Multiple people can be logged in at one time
  • We can call others using the number (but its not cheap)


  • Requires volunteers to install an app
  • Requires volunteers to login and setup the app (though this is quite easy)
  • Requires a decent internet connection

Unfortunately, the only one I have found that works on all platforms isn’t open source software. It’s called Zoiper and it is free as in cost. I’m looking into alternative open source solutions but this will have to do for now.

Using Zoiper

Download Zoiper



  1. Click “Agree & Continue”

  2. Enter login details

    Username is:
    Password I will send to you via a secure means.

  3. Click skip

  4. Click “Next”

  5. Wait for settings to detect and then click “Finish”

  6. On Android, allow app permission to use Do No Disturb mode

  7. This is what it should look like when you’re setup

The app will require permissions to access files and make and manage calls. Note that you don’t need to give the app any other permissions to do backroom role.


  1. Click “Continue as Free user”

  2. Enter login details

    Username is:
    Password I will send to you via a secure means.

  3. Click Next and then Skip and then Next again




    Then click the “x” next to account in top left

    This is what is should look like on desktop when you are done.


Sipgate have a big troubleshooting guide but it is quite technical. First, you should try calling the test numbers listed here.

Call 10000 to see if your app has registered with Sipgate

Call 10005 to make an echo test call, follow the instructions to test your own audio.

Good audio quality for calls

  • Make sure you have a decent stable internet connection
  • You headphones with a mic if you can (e.g. iPhone headphones or other smartphone headphones usually have this).

Any problems, contact @Leo on Signal or WhatsApp or if they aren’t urgent, post them in this thread.

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Great work, look forward to trying this

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I’ve been playing with an open source VOIP app called linphone which seems to work just as well as Zoiper. I think we should move to that before Monday.

Thanks Leo. Some issues I found:

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Also, is there any “protocol” how to control the calls? @kaeden I know Kaeden was able to turn of the forwarding. How can we do that?

There seems to be a bug where it is difficult to close the app on desktop (Windows/Linux/Mac). I’m actually trialling a new client which is open source so maybe we can use that instead, starting from Monday.

In the meantime you could try quitting it in different ways. If it’s being really stubborn, use the task manager on Windows to end the process.

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Something useful to know as well would be to know how to activate answer phone.
For instance, when first backroom volunteers reaches a certain amount, it would be great if them can activate answer phone.

Answerphone kicks in after 20 seconds already.

You can set all these settings in the Sipgate dashboard. I can send you the login.

You can access the voicemail via the emails that come in to the inbox or in the Sipgate dashboard.

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I would really like to learn how to do back room and I would like to do more admin things