HOWTO: Getting setup with a coop brum email

To get setup with the email:

Login details

Email address - e.g.
Password - Will be sent to you securely


You can access the webmail here:

Emails settings for other clients

If you want to access email using Thunderbird or your phone’s email client you will need the following instructions:

Most importantly the mail server is and the username and password are the same as above.

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The email address is spelt wrong can you edit/correct it.

Done. This post is actually a wiki so anyone can edit it.

Hiya. Am struggling to access the volunteers email account via the above link. Keeps saying ‘login failed’. Not sure who to contact but hopefully raising here is appropriate. Ta!

Hey Leon, @Lai and @Carlos are the tech people. Hopefully they can help you.

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Hi All. We’ve been getting this error message on the volunteer account when trying to send reminder emails. I’ve contacted gandi/roundcube for help.

@LeonSH I can turn off the anti-spam stuff for that account. That might just be for incoming messages though.