Health and safety protocol collation and discussion thread

In our meeting we decided to discuss the pros and cons of different health and safety protcocols with the aim of adopting one for our solidarity kitchen project.

Please post suggestions here. @nick

This might be helpful:

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From the ACORN resources.

General Volunteer Safeguarding Advice

Follow Public Health England advice. Wash your hands regularly, for at least 20 seconds. Avoid touching your face.

If you are worried about symptoms, please consult the NHS guidance. If symptoms are severe call NHS 111 . Do not go directly to your GP or other healthcare environment. Immediately stop carrying out deliveries or in person support work.

If you are collecting a prescription for someone else, follow NHS guidance. Most prescriptions are sent electronically direct to a pharmacy from the GP surgery and you can collect the medicine on their behalf if the person has told the pharmacy that they are happy for you to do so. In rare cases where paper prescriptions are used, the patient and person collecting will need to fill out an FB10 form.

To avoid infection:

  1. Don’t go into any houses. Leave food/ goods outside the doorstep. Communicate to the person in isolation that you have delivered via message or phone call. Get confirmation that the person has received it before you leave.
  2. Remember to wash hands before and after deliveries. Where possible wash for 20 seconds with soap and water. When out and about keep a bottle of alcohol hand sanitiser to hand.
  3. Volunteers should ensure they have a low chance of becoming infected. Where possible follow social distancing protocol and don’t take unnecessary risks.
  4. Public transport should be avoided where possible. In cases where taking public transport is unavoidable, disinfection of the items delivered should be carried out.
  5. Take care to wear gloves when handling any items which may be given to people who may have compromised immune systems. The virus can live on inanimate surfaces for up to 24 hours.
  6. If you cannot wear gloves, disinfect any surface that will be handled by the person you are delivering to.

@Seb here is the thread, please have a look and make suggestions based on your cafe experience

Has anyone seen anything relevant to shop environments? A worker from Wickes came into the bike shop the other day actually quite upset about the fact that their management aren’t doing anything to reduce risk… we have our own processes in the shop but not based on any official guidance, just assembled from various sources and common sense. If we could find something official looking I would go and see if I could find her to pass it on

Unfortunately I’ve seen a few things suggesting that we need to be really careful in our operations:

Coop Jackson

Real junk food project

Could be useful

My friend made an quarantine timer web app for things that might be contaminated if they haven’t been disinfected. This is based on data about long the virus can survive on different surfaces.

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Hey lots of sources I have read show that masks ARE a good idea and I think this is the best way - most reliable I’ve seen for DIY masks for people who aren’t in healthcare settings where most of the official ones are being used. Happy to try making some of these at home.

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Advice from coop collective : [18:36, 24/03/2020] +: Arrive at customer
Remove any cycling gloves
Notify them you have arrived (phone call/text message)
Put on food handling gloves
If you have to knock, if possible don’t use door bell, knock of house window or away from door handles
Place food package on customers doorstep
Dispose of food handling gloves
Wait atleast 2 metres back from door
Mark delivery as complete when customer collects food or acknowledges through window.
[18:38, 24/03/2020] +44 7931 092488: It is also recommend to take a photo of the food on the doorstep as proof the delivery was contactless. This can be done by the courier through the CoopCycle app. Do not obtain signatures.


As mentioned in the meeting I potentially have capacity for knocking a few of these up quite quickly on the ol Singer.

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In Poznan the Freedom Fighters sport group transformed their gym into a mask manufacture spot :slight_smile:


Heya, some comrades from Berlin shared this on the CoopCycle chat


CoopCycle platform also emails the people you are delivering to:


This is a kitchen food safety and hygiene protocol in progress:

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Government info:

@canchaflower found this which is very very informative

Some update on the protocol. If necessary, this info can be already sent to any volunteers wanting to help in the kitchen. I’ll work on it further, trying to make it as specific as possible in relation to our kitchen, however, all the fundamental procedures and steps are already included. Please, feel free to comment it and express any suggestions you would have!

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Just a thought, but in a ideal situation…

Drivers shouldn’t come into contact with each other. Kitchen shouldn’t come into contact with delivery. Otherwise if one person gets sick, the whole operation goes down.

Delivery drivers are the most key people in terms of risk of infection. They are most at risk of getting flu or passing it on because of potential contact with lots of people who are vulnerable to the flu.

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