Getting feedback from the participants that are recipients of food from the SK

Hola gente!

At the moment we have many participants of the Solidarity Kitchen that are mainly recipients of food, and after a conversation with @Lai yesterday I have been thinking that it would be good to encourage a greater involvement. At the moment I think the newsletter is a great way of doing this, but this seems a bit of an unidirectional way of communication.

Have we considered creating a poll or something along those lines to hear back from the people that are only involved as recipients of the food that is being cooked at the solidarity kitchen?

Of course a bit of thought would have to be put into this poll and what we actually want to get from it, but I think it would be good to understand what are the main problems the recipients of food are facing during this crisis, identify current and future needs and ways of moving forward, etc…

I know this is a bit of a vague idea but I wanted to get a feel if everyone thinks it would be a good idea. We could quite easily put an online poll together and backroom people (which usually contact many of the food recipients) could fill it over the phone or something along those lines.

What do people think?


I think there’s a danger of it coming across like a ‘feedback form’ or ‘survey’ which is done by charities to get data for their grant funders, for example. I find this approach very forced and people often receive it negatively or as an annoyance. Our point is we don’t ask questions!!

I think asking people getting food to be involved in the newsletter themselves by writing for us is a better approach because it is less restrictive and they can feel also that we aren’t just box ticking. I guess for me I want the engagement to be genuine not just a socially obligated ‘feedback’ loop.

Could we make it more open ended? Could we ask - how do you feel about the future? What worries you about it? What excites you? Something that asks without presuming anything.


Yeah, I completely agree, I think it should come out in a way that it is clear it is not something exclusive or used to gather data about individuals but to establish a conversation and to gather relevant feedback to improve things.

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