Food for the AGM

:pizza: :fries: :hamburger: :taco: This is a list to sign up for food for the AGM. :pizza: :fries: :hamburger: :taco:

During the break between the discussion with other Co-op projects from London and Barcelona and the AGM we will have sometime to eat a meal collectively on zoom.

On Thursday the chefs will cook for us so last sign up is Wednesday evening 9pm. Meals will need to be collected Thursday afternoon between 4-5.30pm from the Solidarity Kitchen HQ in Digbeth.

This list is editable so just add your name to the list below if youโ€™d like to pick up a meal. The food will be vegan but if you have a dietary requirement please add it so the chefs know what to put aside for you.

Each meal is a separate line, if your housemates want one thatโ€™s fine just make sure they come to the panel and listen in!

  1. Emily Davies
  2. Craig Hands
  3. Khatun Shamima (gluten and dairy free)
  4. Kate Grundy x2
  5. Leo (four vegan portions and one vegan gluten free portion)
  6. Pat Nimmo
  7. Mani x5 + 1 fodmap (if possible?)
  8. Alexia Pepper de Caires
  9. Amelia Luzzi
  10. Fiona Sorotos
  11. Olivia Basterfield
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