Flyer for distributing

Hey here is a flyer @ben and I have been working on. It’s a simple design and hopefully I can get it printed with a friend - or perhaps could be printed at the warehouse - and cut so it’s a5 and easy to deliver. Let me know what people think about it and the text. I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible and not too wordy.


This is all useful info :

@Toqueer thought I’d tag you as you’ve asked about this elsewhere

I love it! I would make the number and the email address much bigger. This will make it more clear what people have to do to contact us. I also think we agreed to only use email and phone as a contact method for recipients.

I also think the text could be improved. There could be less of it and the paragraphs could be shorter.

Hope that helps! I :heart_decoration: the design so much.

there’s no point printing flyers if they will become out of date so my thought was to direct people to ‘the website’ which could have the email contact prominent or when we get it set up the online order system. otherwise we would have to reprint it to direct people to the online orders.

This a good idea! Didn’t think of that.

Looks good - we can lose the commas before and after “in these challenging times”, now I think about it.

There are no sentences that I think don’t say something important so I don’t know what I’d cut. Agree on making the phone number much bigger

I’ve made too many redundant leaflets in my time :rofl:


Do we want to take “social media” out? It might not be monitored during “open hours”. We can do that but I’m just saying it will add additional burden to the backroom position.

Looks great otherwise!

HELLO, Its toqueer, I like it, I think its important to have a name of contact- who is running the project and telephone number at the top, bigger and bold. a link to facebook page. what people need to do to order, there is no menu- there should be a menu as well. Thanks. I have voluntered to leaflet with a group.

Hey here is my edit. The name of the project and the number are as big as I can get them without making it ugly. I put the facebook, twitter and insta on the rear. (ps @ben I have edited the gofundme to include those links prominently too)

Are you planning to do a leafletting session the @Toqueer ?

here is the final file as a pdf - I would do it as a double sided pdf. if you have problems doing the printing at the warehouse (please remember to use the protocol for disinfecting i posted above) I can ask my friend who runs a print shop if he can help us out.

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Hi, Sean,

Thanks, can you print them for me, i can collect them from the warehouse next week, time to be agreed. I have no printer. Toqueer

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I’ll get them printed and dropped off to the warehouse for monday or tuesday :slight_smile:

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I can collect them on Wednesday, what is the best time to pick them up. i can take a minimum of 30-50 leaflets.
Question- do you suggest giving them also to local groups that may be able to collect food from you to deliver it themselves. They will know who needs help and can give you numbers of people. Rise a local community group may be interested to do this.

I came to the online meeting, great learning. I like the cell kitchen opening up to help expand. Please do get in contact with the Active wellbeing society, to my knowledge they have a kitchen in ladywood, that was going to open in April 2020, but closed because of the virus, it may be used for the solidairty kitchen. Thanks.