Finance summary for the public

Hi outreach crew

Julia has made some pie charts which can be the basis of our public finance communications. It would be cool to do a weekly blog post on Weds/Thurs showing the income and expenditure for the previous week.

Do you think you can put something together with this for this week?


I can do this and write a little. I’m just thinking what format is best?

It’s not very understandable for the non-finance literate person right now. Possibly just a forum thread linked to on the website would be good so that multiple people can update it?

That sounds fine to me. I don’t think it’s difficult to understand if it’s visualised like that. Perhaps we should label it with approx values as well as just showing the proportions

It’s not in currency format for a start!

What Julia has done is basically just a spreadsheet that makes a pie chart; the pie chart is the product to be accompanied by a 1 or 2 paragraph blurb that’s at the right level of detail for the public.

I’m more or less at capacity so I can’t help with questions of presentation. I am always happy to help with important data questions.

I’m already making a weekly internal finance summary (eg . If we think this is suitable for public consumption then I can continue this log in a public part of the forum so it can be linked from the blog / website / social post

I like the pie-charts and I think they could be the basis of our weekly update, as long as we can label them with values for each colour. Otherwise they are too abstract. I also think we should write some explanatory text for people not too good with charts, but something purely descriptive of the numbers, which should be pretty easy to write.

Thanks Ben this is really helpful, could you let me know what consumables means though?

In this case kitchen stuff that isn’t ingredients - chiefly food packaging (boxes) and cleaning / PPE supplies

I’ve now set it up so the figures are drawn directly from the accounts - see the third sheet in the accounts spreadsheet:

I’ve tried to lay it out so it could practically just be screenshot:


I take it we don’t want to share our accounts publicly? It would be pretty cool.

Checking in with @Insideout about it soon.