Fareshare/how to get free food

I’ve chased up fareshare because we didn’t get any confirmation from them that they’ve received our membership enquiry. I think it’s really worth pursuing because after initial set up it won’t cost us anything. I’ll update if I get anything back - I sent it from the info@ e-mail.

Will TRJFP need paying soon? Will they give us more stuff for next week?

We are closer to sorting out this Fareshare agreement but we still need to fill out our agreement with them (not too hard) and decide what amount of food we would like. I think it might be good to get the food directly from them.

From their email:
llf that information is correct and you are happy to go ahead I can quote you for delivery. The prices, as discussed, are based on the idea that 1 meal is roughly 400g which means for 90 meals per day it would be around 36kg and for 150, around 60kg. So the bands below cover from 80kg upwards, would this suit your needs? Do you think you could find use for the excess at all?

Band 1 80 Kg £30.00
Band 2 120 Kg £45.00

@Paul @Ciara @Seb - I would like to know your thoughts on these calculations and what amount of food you think we need? I’m a bit confused she only showed us the first two bands as if we need 60kg a day we would need twice as much. But perhaps we need only get a certain amount from them?

It sounds like we might be able to make it work financially based on current projections.

we just got a few emails to info@ about this including this great news!!


I have some exciting news - apologies for taking so long to get back to you on the costs for additional food to be supplied by FareShare Midlands, we have been inundated with demand since the outbreak.

We have been fortunate to have received funding from FareShare UK to support our work and to enable us to respond to increases in demand and are able to supply you with 150k g delivery free of charge until 30th June for regular deliveries.

For anything over 150kg of stock then we will need to cover the costs of getting that food to you for April until June 30th.

I have outlined a few bands below for your information:

Band 12 880 Kg £320.00

Band 11 780 Kg £285.00

Band 10 680 Kg £250.00

Ba nd 9 580 Kg £215.00

Band 8 480 Kg £180.00

Band 7 380 Kg £145.00

Band 6 280 Kg £105.00

Band 5 220 Kg £87.00

Band 4 180 Kg £70.00

Band 3 150 Kg £57.00

Band 2 120 Kg £45.00

Band 1 80 Kg £30.00

Please could you let me know which band you would like to go ahead with and then I will speak to our operations team about getting this additional food to you as soon as possible.

Please let me know if you have any queries at all.


According to chefs we need around 240kg of food a week but unfortunately that falls right between the bands so we can get either a bit less for cheaper or a bit more.

Due to the offer of the additional free food my proposal would be to go for Band 5 £87 per week because we would have some additional food as well for the time being. @Seb @Paul @Ciara

There is also a form to fill out about what kinds of food we most need which I think would be good for one of you to look at.

hey dyan can you send me the form so i can take a look?

I sent it to @Seb maybe he can forward it?