Expenses email for repayment (volunteers)

We will sort out an expenses email soon but in the meantime send any receipts that need reimbursing to bhudson@riseup.net, with your bank details.

We may need to reassess down the line if we have a fleet of hundreds but let’s start at paying 45p per mile which is the standard rate, and includes wear and tear as well as petrol. Just keep track yourself and let me know, I don’t need precise records.

Send them in as soon as you like at the moment - if it gets too much perhaps we can agree to do it weekly later on.


Hey Ben, I’ve been told by some drivers that this is way too much. Especially considering that petrol costs have plummeted in the last days. So I believe we should reconsider the rate.
Update: Sophie/Dean is working on a spreadsheet to calculate delivery costs more accurately.

@ben are you using the finance@cooperationbirmingham.org.uk that I made for you?

I am now :wink: no emails through there yet, but people can start using it from now on.

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This is the spreadsheet Sophie created for calculating the costs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/180KdLVBIu0RaQXXLn5yM7ZeeZ1uiSkp_zl_UF0LCdRI/edit

What do you think Ben?

Also, I think I will start telling the drivers to send emails to the finance email in order to get their petrol costs back. Maybe just once per week though.

Yes, I like it. If it is possible for drivers to do the input (entering their own MPG, keeping track of their own miles etc) then that would be even better.

For the organisation, weekly repayments is most convenient, but the option of more frequent payments is an option if people have the need

Just wanted to confirm @Sergio that for the sake of a clean break I will pay 45p / mile up to deliveries done today (Sunday) and then after that all drivers need to know to enter their own mileage in the spreadsheet so I can pay the fair rate weekly.

Also remind them to include their to and from mileage, not just the length of their delivery route

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New process worked out with Sophie: drivers now don’t need to fill in their own mileage. Backroom 3 can just fill in the route miles out of Routific (cafe > home) and the spreadsheet will do the rest. It only takes a few moments for backroom to do and saves a chore for the drivers. The spreadsheet now accounts for their journey from home to the cafe too.

@Sergio you can circulate that they don’t have to do it any longer - the only thing we need is confirmation of driver’ MPG for the ones we don’t yet have (MPG is marked in pink on the spreadsheet for these cases)