Do not resuscitate orders in west midlands

This was alarming to read. Does it mean they’ve given up in the region on trying to save anyone’s life?

“I don’t know what the policy is elsewhere, but here in the West Midlands ambulance personnel have been told to continue trying to resuscitate people who do not have a DNR in place, including those who have suffered a cardiac arrest, even though hospital doctors in the region have been told not to undertake an active attempt to resuscitate someone. The resuscitate procedure is important because it puts clinicians at risk of catching the coronavirus."

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I guess it means that they are looking at people as numbers, and health-care staff as resources. From that point of view, resuscitating someone increases exponentially the risk of infection for the paramedics (or whoever performs the procedure). Thus, you have two option. First, if you resuscitate someone, that person will still have high possibilities of dying, and the paramedic/doctor will be in the best case two weeks out of work (they could even end up dying). Second option, you let the patient die and the doctor can keep working and helping other people.
Considering the stress that the health-care system is enduring at the moment, I guess they are going for the second option. Which I think is completely dehumanising…