Developing the next stage of the co-op beyond the WHC

hey all thought I would just write down a few thoughts about expanding the project to the next stage. I think there are quite a few things we could do to try to expand in the near future,** I think the main thing to focus on for that is actually around opening lines of conversation with partner organisations and training them / onboarding them properly. **I think the business plan and model really hinge on these connections being developed and now that we have proof of concept with the system we should really focus on them rather than continuning to refine the business plan.

Below I wrote a few ideas for** restaurants we could approach – how do we deal with the veggie / vegan issue? Imo by offering warehouse we are halfways already – we could have a vegan discount or something like that to providers – we will run into so many issues though with beer aswell and pastries if we go full vegan . Maybe we should say to people they need to offer a vegan option? Not sure. **We should discuss this on monday – I think a good way to look at this though is that the service coop cycle will offer is vegan – no animals harmed in the process of transportation, no oil burnt etc and we raise and profile co-ops and ecological businesses by excisting. I don’ think we will exist on a large scale without negotiating existing meat serving food businesses in the city.

attached is a ‘theory of change’ document which I was using as part of an exercise for the co-op development course I’m on - it might be helpful for us in terms of an idea of the direction we might want to go in

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