Decision to get food from Fareshare (in addition to TRJFP)

When was the decision made?

Over the course of several meetings but final decision made at finance meeting on Friday 24/04.

Who made the decision?

Ben, Kae, Nina, Dean, Paul. Discussed with other chefs Ciara and Seb. Suggested initially by Dylan.

What problem does the decision solve?

We need cheap/free food for the meals we are providing. Buying food when we make the meals free isn’t sustainable. We need a steady, cheap supply of ingredients so that the entire operation is able to continue.

Who does the decision affect?

All the kitchen crew, esp chefs who will have to pick up the orders. Also finance wg who will have to take the delivery costs into account in their calculations. More generally, it affects everyone involved in the project in terms of it’s continuation.

What are the predicted consequences of the decision?

A good supply of free food for the kitchen in amounts that we control. On-going delivery costs will affect our financial projections.