Covid Exit Plan (national Mutual Aid groups summit)

As I announced yesterday at the meeting, there was a whatsapp group created recently to coordinate mutual aid efforts in different British cities. Dylan and I are part of it, but we encourage more people to join us. Message us privately if you’d like to be included in the group.

The first meeting has been scheduled for today at 3pm.


Meeting: it will take place on zoom, send me a private message if you’d like to join

How did the meeting go?

Hey sorry, I just realised I didn’t share the minutes (I will today do it today). It went really well and there’s another meeting scheduled for next Monday 25th of May. It was a nice exchange of experiences from different places, and we agreed that we should focus on reach not explicitly politicised groups. One way to go that was proposed was local mapping of “resources”. You can see more in the minutes soon, and I’m happy to discuss it at our next meeting.

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