COVID-19: Organising Resouces Wiki

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Volunteer coordination list for Birmingham

Other mutual aid groups in the UK

Big handbook with various links to other resources

How to setup a neighbourhood pod

Some links to other resources on a tech co-op forum

Example: Portland mutual aid volunteer form

Massive doc of various links:

UK Response Critiques

Health Information

UK based resources

International Resources

Homeless-positive 1-page sheet:


Local news

World news

Advice from domain-specific experts that is being curated by The Conversation including: why you shouldn’t panic; how soap kills coronaviruses; how to look after ourselves and each other during periods of social isolation; etc. From the editor: get your coronavirus analysis and advice direct from the experts


COVID Live - Coronavirus Statistics - Worldometer - World and national statistics

Psychology - a study showing the cognitive bias that makes people underestimate exponential growth. In summary, humans are usually bad at estimating growth that increases at an increasing rate (eg 1>2>4>8>16>32) because we’re used to linear growth in nature (1>2>3>4>5). 2/3rds of the people studied looked at an exponential growth data set and were 90% out in their estimate of where it would be at a particular future point. This is relevant to the state tendency in the UK to delay a large scale response, and to the popular belief that the outbreak won’t be as bad as it seems, or that it may take several weeks to get ‘really bad’


Amazing, thanks for the heads up