Cooperation Birmingham financial transparency initiative

I have updated the donate page on the website. We now have a link to an initial draft page of data live generated by our accounts:

It should be a bit easier to understand for folks like myself who are not good at financial stuff and spreadsheets. It’s updated automatically every 5 minutes.

I hope this will help folks within and outside of the organisation understand more about how our finances are.


I had no idea this was even possible, it’s pretty neat

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Hey we recently got this email (it’s starred in the info@ inbox) which might be of relevance or worth having a look into with regards to this. The website is so slick now though! well done @Lai @Insideout

’ Hello!

I’m getting in touch on behalf of Brent Mutual Aid & The Social Change Agency.

I’m one of the admins for Brent Mutual Aid and Willesden Green Mutual Aid, I wanted to flag up a service we’ve been using to fundraise as I think it’ll also be helpful for your community efforts.

It’s a site called Open Collective that allows you to receive donations or payments into your group mutual aid account, and then make payments out to volunteers for things like shopping, petrol etc… or to admins for mutual aid costs without relying on someone’s private bank account. It’s been really helpful in Brent, so they’ve asked me to reach out to other groups so we can spread the word.

Here are some of the mutual aid groups using it:

If it sounds potentially useful for your group, I’d be happy to talk it through with you and show you how we’ve been using it, / There’s also more info on this website here:

Good luck with your efforts!

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This is great! Thanks Leo.
There is a graphic though that is not very accurate/true.

The thing is we need to update the chart according to the gofundme money (so including all donations, just checking now we already reached more than 9100!!!).
As we don’t have access to all the gofundme donations yet (system issues, we’ll have access to on May 7th if I am not wrong) the current chart is not realistic. We were discussing with @Insideout to work this out.

There is a note explaining this no?

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Fair enough. But considering the possibility to have three-slice pie (donated but not yet received, cash, and expenditure) sounds better to be imo

Sorry this isn’t my area of expertise.

@kaeden @Seb or any other ppl involved in social media, could you post on fb our new funding blogpost and the simple version of it?

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