Coop Cycle delivery platform set up

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Just wanted to give a head up that @Ciara and I have been working on getting the coop cycle delivery app website set up for the solidarity ktichen to use. It’s a quite exicitng bit of kit and could be used for people placing deliveries and also for organsing drops of and planning the routes and it should also be possible to import bulk addresses to it. It’s not all set up but this is an example from york which has one restaurant connected to it. We could just set it up for us so that it’s free for the meal and delivery but it would be a central place to collect enquires from phone and email / social media too and make sure they all got delivered. @Lai plan to meet and work on getting things set up around midday tomorrow.

To learn more about it :

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We got pretty far. Just waiting for our Stripe account to be authorised (2 business days) and then we can test it properly.

When you place an order on Coop Cycle you get a COVID info:

Instructions to follow for your delivery

Given the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic, you must imperatively
respect the following instructions:

1. Respect social distancing

We will drop off your order on your doorstep, so you won’t have to approach the
person who comes to deliver. There is also no need to leave a tip.

2. Unpack your order after receipt

The virus can survive on cardboard and plastic surfaces for several days.
Packaging is therefore one of the largest vectors for transmission of the virus.
We therefore ask you to unpack your order and transfer the contents to plates.

3. Dispose of the packaging

Once your order is unpacked, be sure to dispose of the packaging in a closed
trash can
to avoid inadvertently touching it later.

4. Wash your hands!

Once you have unpacked your order and discarded the packaging, wash your hands!

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I am on the developers Slack chat having numerous discussions.

Our coop cycle platform is now working with the Stripe testing integration.

You can make orders using these fake VISA details on this page: