Coop BrumFest! Proposal to host a festival in Sept

Hi everyone,
So i brought this up at the last meeting and in the group chat, but here’s a formal proposal.

The idea is to host a festival in september at the cafe and in the garden, with the idea being that it could be as short as 3 days, or as long as a week, and as small as just organised around the cafe and the garden, or as big as taking over all of shaw’s passage.

So then we’d have music/entertainment in the garden, and workshops/talks and food at meal times in the cafe space, with also the rest of the building available for breakout sessions or other arts stuff. There’s also been an idea of doing film showings in the garden if we wanted, and art pieces of various kinds. There’s also been the idea of hiring out a couple of the car park spaces in front of the garden and putting stalls there, such as one selling cafe kebabs, and then an ACORN stall and a red gym stall for example?

We’ve started looking for funding already, and there’s some good signs there, we already have passed a proposal around doing this in the cafe, but i would much prefer to do it under the coop brum banner.

We are also hoping that it will be absolutely minimum capacity commitments, and we are organising it all on a trello board so that people can do only whatever small tasks they have time to do, with a couple of people co-ordinating. You can access the trello here

There is also a chance for this getting tied into a tour by the Zapatistas and their allies, but as that is very much up in the air we thought we could do this regardless and if they can plug in all the better.

Right now we are looking for people to get involved in organising it, but also crucially confirmation that we can use the CoopBrum banner with which to host it. I’m sure i’ve forgotten other stuff i wanted to mention but i’ll leave it here, super pumped for this!


Is there any stuff online where we could read more about this part of it?

Also Question: What do you anticipate the COVID-19 regulations around events will be in that time period?

Is there are a plan for different levels of restrictions?



Is there any stuff online where we could read more about this part of it?

no there isn’t, its not announced yet, but i can report back that they are looking to do a tour, not to raise awareness about the zapatistas but actually to meet movements around europe to workout the likelihood of a world revolution (seriously apparently) and how they can link up and learn from each other’s movements.

it’s a huge project just to get them here, the meeting i’m in right now for it has 25 different groups represented.

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There is some info (not concrete plans yet) in the communiques from the (deep breath) Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee and General Command of the Zapatista National Liberation Army.

The communiques start at part 6 and work back:

This last declaration has had almost 4,000 signatories, mostly groups/institutions. Only a handful in the UK though. Perhaps CB should sign it?

In addition, some more information:

As for the general idea of the festival, I am well up for this and would like to help when my other responsibilities clear up a bit. I think it will be a good opportunity to show off what a politicised cooperation looks like.

We should have a boxing tournament too.


Hi all, small but efficient meeting today. Here are the updates:


Zapatour update:
- Given all the question marks about bringing the zapatistas and their allies to europe, it’s been decided that what we will organise nationally will be something worth doing if they can come or not. Looking like August at the moment, which wouldn’t correspond.
- Thats currently looking like a lot of max 6 person walks to get to know this land better and bring home the lessons that indigenous movements like the zapatistas are teaching.

Festival Update:

  • Bickle:
    Lloyd Russell Moyle is up for speaking or joining a panel or facilitating a session.
    I have the RMT interested in doing something about the history of co-ops and unions, that could lead into a conversation about co-ops and unions today.

  • Phil - has managed to get approval from 2 coop related bodies for a total of  ~£1500 Central England Cooperative Membership and Community Council, West midlands Cooperative education  group,
  • need a meeting to decide how to allocate this
  • Paul B to look up what we would need to take over the street

Check the trello to help!

Next coordination meeting March 20th 4:30pm

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Notes from 02/03/2020 programming meeting:
Current programming draft:

Phil and Cathy planning a ‘make your own co-op’ schedule of workshops
Small meeting room added to programme, saturday morning ‘buddy pitches’ session.
Drop in mentoring in the small meeting room.
Sunday afternoon: Pixar Pitches for people’s ideas in the main cafe space. Mini-storytime for Birmingham’s Bright Co-op Future.

APs: Mani to speak to garden peeps, Phil to speak to Marcus from woodcraft folk +date for meetup. Phil to chase up young co-operators email.

Next meeting Programming meeting 23rd of March 18:00.

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