Code repository on GitHub

I have created a team on GitHub to host all the code that we might need to produce or fork for the project, the team is here:

Imo we should strive for transparency and collaboration for all the code that might be produced in order to support the operations of the project and I think GitHub as a platform enables this.

If there is any disagreement I am more than open to delete the organisation and move the only repo in the organisation to my personal profile (I basically did not want to host that code it in my private profile as I do not want to own that code).

Anyone with a GitHub account that wants to be added to the team feel free to just request it here (or via PM).

For maintainability and security reasons I think projects should not be public until they are minimally production ready.


@Carlos, I think the repositories are all private - could you add in my partner ( who is into this sort of thing?

Sure thing, invitation sent to onlyasmalllizard!

They are private to the team at the moment until the codebase has stabilised a little bit more (not that I would expect like 20 PRs each day if it would be public, and hopefully I have not committed any secret… but just in case). In any case I expect anyone who wants to join the team to be able to do so :slight_smile:

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