Co-op business support

Hey as I mentioned in the meeting there are a few avenues available for us in terms of business support which could be chased up. I’m happy to help on these

  1. getting support from The Hive : (we could ask for someone local like phil beardmore to support us) or aim for a wider package of support for a bunch of co-ops like the new london and bristol ones so the person in question has more time allocated for supporting.
  2. get in touch with they have funding and support available for social enterprises (which would include this) - I have a contact for this I can pass on so that we can make a good application.
  3. Solidfund donation? Solidfund is a worker co-op funded organisation which provides one of grants. They might be willing to pay for some sort of generalised support to the wider emerging coop cycle network maybe like £1k or something like that. My suggestion would be to ask for bags or some product which would look great if they were the same in each city.

This is also a good resource How to set up a workers co-op