Changes to routing process

Hi all,

I’ve just made a small change to the order sheet and dispatch procedure to making Backroom shift 2 a bit easier.

The order sheet now includes ‘From’ and ‘To’ columns, which can be used to a set a time window for specific deliveries, that Routific will use when calculating routes. E.g. an early delivery can be set for between 17:30 and 18:30, or a late delivery can be set for from 19:00 to 21:00. A new ‘Types’ column can also identify an address as suitable for a cyclist by including the ‘Bike’ label (NB this label is case sensitive - ‘bike’ won’t work. As long as the columns are filled out correctly, when the CSV file is uploaded into Routific this data will all be taken into account in the route optimisation. This significantly reduces the need for manually rearranging the routes. I’ve made changes to the dispatch procedure accordingly.

I have also added something to the backroom protocol to set a clearer standard for how to report meal quantities and allergens to the kitchen, to help reduce confusion. I hope I’ve made this clear, but please review and adjust if needed.