Cafe Co-School and intro to co-operation recurring event

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to run this past people, I’m planning on continuing the Cafe Co-School on monday evenings in the cafe once we are open.

A number of us have been talking about how we need a XR-like intro talk that everyone can come to. I was thinking something like this:

Cooperation: A Factor of Revolution.

It can be very interactive, but giving people an intro to what coop brum is, why we think its a good strategy and how people can get involved. It could happen once a month or once every three months potentially? Would anyone be up for helping me with this, and the proposal is : that we pass it as a coopbrum education event and that we send an invite to everyone who in on our database and to everyone when they sign up on the open collective as a member.

Let me know what you think



Hey Mani, I 100% agree. This would be fantastic, and perhaps has more to do with XR than you realise… Radical Routes the co-operative network founded in the 90’s (in birmingham!) originally mandated all of it’s member co-ops to do quarterly ‘taking control’ intro education workshops for the community, it is from here that Roger Hallam got his idea for XR intro talks from. I have done workshops before for radical routes and students for co-operation so would be happy to work on this proposal with you and others (it would be ideal to do it as pairs or buddies, so that more people get the skills to run it and it can happen more regularly).