Build the stage and visioning day [EDIT] 9th AND 17th of June

Hi everyone!
As i’ve mentioned i wanted to suggest a visioning day, and some hands on cooperation so that we can get to know each other better and work together on some common goals, while finally starting to build an understanding of how to move forward as an organisation. Adam from the community garden tells me they could do with hands to rebuild the floor of the stage since they have done the renovation and aren’t happy with the floor.

So to that end i propose 4pm on Wednesday the 9th at the WHC when we can plan execute building of the stage. I realise not everyone will be able to come at that time, but i think it needs to be early enough that we have time to have food and do a visioning session afterwards, starting at 7pm. This should leave time for people to sit around and have a few drinks if we want after.

Please bring whatever tools you think could come in handy, i am also asking for any volunteers to help me get hold of a few of the materials we will definitely need beforehand, but the idea is for the plan, the materials acquiring and the build to all happen in one sitting, with many willing hands making light and wonderful work.

If it turns out i have massively underestimated this task, then we will do what we can and return in two weeks to finish.

Let me know what you think, and please tell us below if you are coming so we can plan for food etc.

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I will come for the evening, will probably miss the bulk of the building but may bring some tools just in case. Really looking forward to this, I think gang work is a really great way to hang out and achieve things and I’d like it to be a regular part of our activities

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Building inspiration:

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I’m free to come to this. It does sound rather ambitious though! Do we have a budget from the garden to work with or are we going to use some Coop brum money for the bits? It would be good to have a few ideas ahead of time of what is needed. The floor looked pretty shoddy to me when I was last there so at a minium I think we would need new joist and ply for the floor. I can bring the cargo bike along but am a complete novice at woodwork…

Hey folks, a few people are gonna be away/isolating this week after travel and we’d really like to get as many people there as possible, so we are suggesting moving to Thursday 17th of June to include as many people as possible.

Thanks Mani, I love the idea of visioning and space for social connection. I’ll be coming up to Brum on Thursday for the weekend. I’ll be available to help around mid afternoon in whatever capacity. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s voices, visions and concerns.

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Thanks folks so on third thoughts and speaking to quite a few people we are gonna do both today AND next thursday, as there will certainly be enough work to do and having two sessions includes many more people.

So to confirm its today from 4pm till late and next thursday the 17th from 4pm till late.

~3 hours each day on the stage, and then a couple of hours of visioning, and then chill drinks for those who wanna hang out.