BSEEN programme

Hi all,

Just to let you know I applied for some funding/ business support for the project. As a student at BCU I can access the BSEEN programme which operates out of the STEAMHOUSE in Digbeth. By the sounds of it, it’s a two week online course and comes with a £500 grant which I will pass on to co-op brum. I’ll make sure I feedback any useful stuff and run decisions by the collective before carrying ahead with stuff but it seemed like it might be worth applying for and we got it ! My understanding is the programme is mainly about supporting me as an ‘entrepenuer’, obviously I’m gonna try mess with thatand include other people in the outcomes as much as possible so expect me to get in touch :slight_smile:

Also here’s a short video I made for the application presentation

Hey all,

Just a heads up I have to create a company to be able to access this training/funding. They are suggesting a CLG which would make sense as this can be done with co-op model rules in future and it’s also easy to shut them down so shouldn’t be too much trouble. The way this would make most sense is if it was to create a workers co-op which I could then pass on to other people when we hire an editor. Quite annoying but doing this way only costs £12 so it’s more of a logistical bother than a financial one. We wou;dn’t necessarily need to use it.