Blog post with charts and information

Here is the work me and Nina have started around a blog post please feel free to comment

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Thanks @kaeden for your edits i updated the charts added the waste disposal as a seperate line in costs it should be good to go as long as people are happy.


It looks brilliant! :slight_smile: Great work!
At the moment I’m planning it for Thursday’s social media posts, so you have a bit of time to make any more edits and for @Lai to post it to the blog (or however that’s done)

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Yeah thanks @kaeden for your corrections :slight_smile:
So we had a quick chat with @Insideout about how we think we should approach it. Since this is quite a lot of content for a FB post, it would be great to publish it first in the blog and mention it later on FB. Likewise we increment our blog visits (and encourage people to read our blogposts) and we can publish similar content in a further post.

  • @Lai is it you who posts content to the blog? otherwise happy to do it myself, but I’ve never done it before. Can we have a chat? the content is in the googledoc attached in this thread.
  • @kaeden, could we wait until we have this blog post created? so then we can post the blogpost link into Facebook together with one of the charts (expenses maybe) and say something like: if you wanna know more how we are dealing with finances check our blogpost.

Hope this makes sense!

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