Banking and gofundme

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I thought I would explain the situation with the fundraiser - as it now says it’s going to Ben hudson on the gofundme. The reason for this is that ben is the Treasurer of Punch up - a community gym who have agreed to process payments for us and hold funding in Escrow - to link the accounts I had to add ben as a beneficiary and it’s not possible to have an organisation do it without having a U.S phone number (!!) . Unforutnately because it’s difficult to set things up quickly this was the most logical way to do it initially - I think me and ben will try over the next few weeks / months to come up with a better more direct way of storing the funds.

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Hey just got this email from go fund me - does it mean much to you @ben Please note: You must set up withdrawals by 30 April 2020 to continue accepting donations.

Currently, you have £2,087.62 that has not been withdrawn. If withdrawals are not set up by 30 April 2020, your GoFundMe will no longer be able to accept donations.

Yes, side effect of all the issues I’ve been having with bank account verification… It is all now set up correctly but the withdrawals won’t happen for another week, I think. I’ll check with support.

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Update: GoFundMe support are still keeping up on this with their payment provider as it hasn’t been signed off yet due to the busy period. The agent says she’ll also try to extend the deadline so we don’t get paused. I’ll keep on it

PS be careful not to lose finance WG topics under the (no longer used) finance tag… I;ve moved this topic

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