Backroom volunteers protocol

I created a document with all the steps backroom volunteers should follow. It is a proposal based on my experience as a backroom volunteer n1 and n3. It is a working document so feel free to edit it.
Please add your name so we can track comments back.!AueA22BsjeNYokVY-9Q5H6e79b7R - THIS DOCUMENT is out of date.

New version of backroom volunteer protocol (13/04/20):

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Yeah, basically fine apart from I personally found it easier to give the driver the list of drops in a WhatsApp message rather than a separate document. Reason being that they will be checking in with you on WhatsApp and otherwise will have to be checking drop details in a separate app, as will backroom when keeping track of the completed drops.

We could possibly lose the requirement to check in after every drop, this is perhaps a bit burdensome for little benefit beyond knowing how far through the driver is at any point.

Other than that it seemed pretty good. You and Sergio have the most experience of the backroom tasks so you have the best perspective. We will have to update things if we change the routing task to a 4th person, for instance though. The routing instructions could be added into this protocol as well.


Yes I agree on the WhatsApp message. If backroom volunteer 2 focus on planning routes and writing them down in a small template, based on the order’s “order”, like:

  • address 1:
  • order phone number1:
  • meal 1:
  • address 2:
  • order phone number2:
  • meal 2:

likewise we can improve on data management, time, … but we need to allocate time to do it.
Let’s discuss it tomorrow’s meeting together with other backroom volunteers.
For now I will share these details tomorrow with backroom volunteers, let’s see if it works.

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Btw this is the protocol we shared with backroom volunteers for today (3rd of April).
Let’s see how they find it, and let’s keep improving it.!AueA22BsjeNYokgp3Y1sIf789dp0 - THIS DOCUMENT is out of date.

New version of backroom volunteer protocol (13/04/2020):

Looks pretty nice. I am trying to think of a way to streamline the process of making notes for the drivers but I haven’t come up with anything very convincing yet. Hopefully we will find better tech solutions at some point anyway.