Backroom shift suggestions


Just a couple of suggestions/pain points I’ve noticed for the Backroom 1 and 2 shifts (with a focus on backroom 2 'cos that’s the shift I have done most of).

  1. It would be v. helpful if the kitchen could communicate the meals they are intending to serve early on, before cooking starts (I am assuming the meals are known at that point). We have 7 or 8 people listed to call with menu choices, and backroom 1 can only call them when we know the meals, ultimately it ends up impacting backroom 2 (and the delivery lists) if these calls are still not done at end of backroom 1 shift. Alternatively (and I don’t know what the appetite for this is) we could stop offering meal choice and just work with listed allergies - I’ve done a share of calling people with meal choices and quite a few don’t answer the phone (e.g. today only got through to one out of 8).
  2. For drivers, would it be at all possible to collect their home postcode as part of onboarding (providing they are happy to give this for routing purposes)? This means that they can be added to Routific even if backroom 2 can’t get in touch with them straightaway, which means route creation isn’t delayed. Currently I have a small time window to get in touch with new drivers before it starts setting back my route creation. Alternatively drivers could be asked to expect a call from a No Caller number between 1 and 2pm - I think in some cases drivers are not answering because they don’t recognise the caller.

I know these seem like small things but they loom large when you’re trying to get the kitchen delivery lists done as quickly as you can…


Hey @loreid in answer to your 2nd q most new drivers are entering their postcodes when they sign up for a volunteering shift. I will add it as a task that when adding delivery drivers to their shifts in the rota their postcode should be include along with their phone number. There will be a small job finding those postcodes for older volunteer deliverers but it shouldn’t be impossible and I will add it to the volunteer onboarding task list now.

That would be SO AWESOME! New drivers would be the priority anyway - once a driver is in Routific with their details they tend to stay there so “older” drivers are by and large already sorted.

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