Archiving actioned voicemails

This came up in the meeting but for connection reasons I think it would be easier to discuss on here.

When voicemails come in, this creates a sipgate event and an email to the info@ address. Currently it seems some people archive in sipgate, some archive the email notification (and some probably do both… or neither). From memory I think the process says to archive both but I think it would be best to do just one to eliminate the risk of conflicts (ie don’t know whether the voicemail has really been actioned or not)

Personally I propose that we only archive the sipgate event, and that the email is automatically archived by a filter rule.


I don’t mind either way but to me using emails seems to make more sense because it’s fewer things to log into - you only need to open up the email account and then do everything there (voicemails and food-related emails) and don’t need to open sipgate at all.

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Absolutely agree with Steph - it’s much easier if you only work from the emails.

Don’t you need sipgate open to return calls by VOIP, or do people prefer just to dial on their own phones?

I think as per somewhere in the protocol, most people just use their phone and dial 141 to withhold their number.

In any case when I use Zoiper to return calls or want to have the line open for a bit, I just ‘switch on’ the account and it works without me having to do anything in Sipgate (presumably because the setting for forwarding is always on the right thing anyway?). Does that make sense?

Perfect sense. In that case I withdraw my proposal :joy: and I will update the protocol to make it clear just to work from the emails since that seems to be the better option

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