Applyin Democratic Confederalism: Symbiosis PDX

We are working to develop communities where everyone is empowered to shape and co-create the world around them. Where everyone’s basic needs of food, water and shelter are met without enduring exploitation. A world where everyone’s voice is heard and people are treated with dignity and respect.

A world where we recognize our interdependence and reliance upon nature’s ecological processes as essential to our survival. A culture where we begin thinking of the impact of our actions 7 generations into the future and where we work to end the harm caused by systems of capitalist modernity. We envision a world beyond borders, of interconnected culturally diverse communities. We are inspired by the revolutionary social experiment in democratic confederalism in Rojava, the autonomous federated Zapatista communities in Mexico and the alternative economic strategies of Cooperation Jackson in Mississippi.

Our mission is no less than to generate systemic change through advancing the self-organization of our communities to achieve economic and political autonomy. To achieve this goal we look to develop a dual power network of grassroots participatory political and economic institutions that brings thousands of people into a web of relations able to make the cultural change from isolated disempowered individuals into empowered interdependent community members. We aim to build a culture rooted in the principles of truth and reconciliation, consent, gender freedom, social ecology, solidarity economics and munciplism.

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There are some interesting collectives here.